Thursday, 24 April 2014

5 Tips to Protect a Complex Website from Google Panda

Annzo Corp: Google is one of the most successful search engines and in order to get success it’s most important that your website is properly listed on it. Where as Google has certain terms and conditions and not every other site can keep their website listed on it in fact they are scanned regularly every 24 hrs to keep that check. SEO experts are actually scared of such updates that can bring their clients website down and in order to keep that in order they make sure they are following their rules and regulations.
Google Panda is one of such update which is being run by Google to scan scams and other sites which are using black hat SEO techniques online in order to increase their ranks. Google also covers a boatload of poor user engagement due to thin content, duplicate content, tech problems causing content issues, etc in panda updates. Especially if you website is the large scale one that you really don’t want to get hit by such update and in order to save you with such downfall SEO experts in Mississauga has come up with six tips to protect for any mishap.
1.       Audit your website regular and they can be one of the most powerful asset to help your website find out if there is any thing wrong with it. Audit is highly recommended by SEO experts because it’s extensively scans your website. Audits should be scheduled on yearly basis if not done after every 6 months and successful websites do such interventions in order to protect them selves from any future mishaps.
2.       Google do another favor for the website is that they let the websites know if there is any update that is going to roll out before time. That’s a big plus because you can keep your heads up for changes that is going to occur on SERPs.
3.       It’s integral part of every SEO team to educate your clients about everything that happens on online on search engines. SEO teams should be educated enough to tackle every single change that occurs on SERPs and also let their clients know in detail what has actually happened with their website if any changes happen and why it occurs as well.
4.       You should know that change occurs and it’s constant. That is why it is very important that all SEO experts help clients engineer new sections, functionality, applications, etc.
5.       Content should be original and new with fresh innovative incentives for your potential consumers. This is how you can keep your website safe from getting hit from any potential panda update.  For more information about SERPs updates stay connected with Annzo Corporation blogs and services.

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