Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Signs of More Google Algorithm Updates Early This Week

Annzo Corporation: Google is the most influential search engine on net and has made breakthrough significance ever since it came into existence.th of this month. Its still haven’t detected that what the update target was. Some websites noticed some slight change in their ranking that’s why SEO companies are concerned with the shift in algorithm recently. Google keeps updating their algorithm to keep the search engine according to their guidelines and regulations. Google Matt Cutts also mentioned on his recent tweet on tweeter that a refresh of the algorithm occurred on the February 6th even though he didn’t go into a lot of details about what the update was actually about.

To keep up with their traditional updates Google is always on the run for it and recently there has been some speculations about whether Google did any update regarding their algorithm on the February 13
Google is always on the run to make instant update and bring a little more challenging task for the search engine optimization companies. Annzo Corporation is always keeping their eye on Google as suggested by them that their algorithm changes every 24 hours and can directly influence the ranking of our clients. In order to take care of the recent changes we understand that SEO need consistent approach in order to take care of all the possibilities for one healthy online marketing approach. Until not now no further information has obtained about one definite Google update. For more information about recent changes in SEO world stay connected with Annzo Corporation blogs and services.

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