Tuesday, 15 July 2014

What is exactly Google’s Panda Update!

Annzo Corporation: Panda update of Google always comes with a lot of hype in the marketing because it does affect ranking and status of a lot of business listings online. Search engine works in a very defined way by putting a potential keyword by user, search engine returns with results that are related to that particular keyword ranking respective each link with the amount of keyword, information and usage of the website.
The rankings are very integral part of success online because almost 99% of online users do not cross first two pages on SERPs and potential click that option that appears on the top of SERPs. that is why it is very essential for the business owners who are selling their goods and services online to list on the top of rankings. Hence to put all this in order Google had to reorder the results that are return by the algorithm with keywords to let those rank on the top that deserves the most in other words by using “White-Hat SEO techniques”. Panda update is particularly reordering that website according to their quality services. Every time it is run through Google it does sweep out a lot of website and that is Google is very affirmed in letting their online marketers know that they have to follow their guidelines in order to have a good standing on search engines.
                Panda actually does three most primitive restricting online:
1.       It refreshes the links that are associated with the website, which is a very important SEO strategy.
2.        Results are reordered with the quality of website in other words it’s content.
3.       Score is given to the website based upon users search with the relevant keywords.
Another Good thing about Panda update is that Google always gives out information that what their update is looking for example in the year of 2011 Google primarily stated that, “This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful”. And another statement that was added by Google was that 2011 update was also to give credit to such website that consistently use quality content and information. In order to stay safe try understanding what are the White Hat SEO techniques that can lead your business to success online. The SEO companies like Annzo Corporation SEO professional Mississauga advice their potential clients to use original quality content plus good resources to make a well qualified site that can provide innovative and fresh information to your desired consumers. Good links plus Google resources always helps in holding your website with Google updates. For more information and ideas about SEO techniques stay connected with Annzo Corporation experts in SEO blog and services.


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